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The world of PlayerAuctions OSRS is enormous, with a range of games and categories. Compacted with trusted sellers, it results in a competitive marketplace. A million dollar business for sure, PA is alive. OSRS players can view the best OSGP Price amongst famous gold traders. Plus thousands of OSRS Accounts to buy ranging from Max Main Stakers to High-Value Pures.

PA accepts PayPal but requires verification from their Risk Team. If you get denied, you won't receive much of an explanation. It's known to decline 30% of new users from becoming buyers, which only helps their competitors.

With RSGoCompare, use it to ensure you're receiving a good rate with PlayerAuctions. If not we'll still provide you with reliable alternatives and market advice.

If you compare PlayerAuctions OSRS with Sythe, you'll notice a difference in operation. Many prefer the openness of a free forum, others the convenience of a quick sale. Although I know PA is good for some, for me It's not. I always prefer Sythe for verifiable sales and peace of mind.

PA OSRS Accounts

You're okay buying from someone with an unbeatable reputation. But don't save $20 with a cheaper seller, you're open to recovery! Chances are If the seller is new they might recover it one day. Don't take that risk here.


Delivery within 20 minutes from real and professional companies, along with PayPal payment. Others can't beat that easy, which is why PA is very popular with regular gold buyers.

PA OSRS Services

Asia based services dominate the account market, also the servers market too. With this comes a specific level of fair expectation for the buyer. Plus the confidence of no bad delays or different payment methods.


PA is an excellent marketplace, although It's filters can be improved. Once you're a seasoned buyer, you'll find it very useful with many aspects of the OSRS Underground. I hope this post gives you better insight, thanks for reading!

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