Verify Discord Trades on Sythe

Verify Discord Trades on Sythe, although the sites on RSGoCompare don't require an extensive verification process, occasionally you may purchase from sellers via Discord. As a result, you're open to new risks. The main threat is ensuring you're speaking to the correct user and not an Imposter.

Also, make sure you're dealing with a reputable trader, don't take their word for it. Verify their Sythe presence. If they're not trustworthy, there are plenty of others who can fill their spot.

Don't just look at their Discord Username and be complacent with that. Many people are scammed every day by this. Developer Mode must be enabled, and found in:

Click the gear icon within the bottom left section of the screen.


Now navigate to the Appearance section.


Click the button to enable Developer Mode


Now while you're right-clicking someone's name, you'll be presented with Copy ID. Then ask for a Sythe Discord PM Template to be sent to the PM Inbox of your Sythe account.

Once received ensure the numbers match up and that the actual conversation is yours and not someone else. It's beneficial to CTRL+F to see IDs match.

You've now secured your trade, to benefit more. It's also highly advised for all buyers that you take incremental screenshots or record the entire deal. It will ensure any scams are provable and protect you and others.

Don't let those Discord Imposters stop you from doing business!

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